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Hull's Own Air Force Station

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No. 17 Balloon Centre and RAF Sutton on Hull

Balloon Command formed 01.11.1938
RAF Personnel first reporting for duty 16.01.1939
No's. 942, 943 & 944 Balloon Squadrons Auxiliary Air Force formed 25.01.1939
Barrage Balloon demonstration on Fairground, Walton Street 23.03.1939
No. 17 Centre opened within No. 33 Group Balloon Command 28.06.1939
A.A.F Balloon Squadrons to Centre 01.07.1939
Initial Balloon inflated and flown at Centre 17.07.1939
Balloon Squadrons & A.A.F embodied into the R.A.F 24.08.1939
Balloon Squadrons Flights established in committed areas 28.09.1939
Six Balloon flying at War Sites - start of Hull Barrage 01.09.1939
War Declared on Germany 03.09.1939
Visit to the Centre by HM Princess Royal 15.04.1940
First members of the WAAF to Centre 27.05.1940
Humber Barrage Control to Newland House 03.07.1940
Ultimate number of Balloons flying in Barrage - 74 31.07.1940
Free Balloon Barrage (Albino) D-Day 12.09.1941
No's 942 & 943 Squadrons officially combined to be No. 942/3 01.01.1942
No. 944 Balloon Squadron disbanded 26.04.1942
RAF Central School of Aircraft Recognition opened at Centre 17.09.1942
No. 942/3 Balloon Squadron moved to Centre 09.10.1942
No. 17 Balloon Centre renamed RAF Station Sutton-on-Hull 14.10.1942
RAF School of Safety Equipment opened at Station 17.10.1942
RAF School of Safety Equipment closed 31.05.1943
RAF School of Fire Fighting and Rescue formed 18.10.1943
Anti Diver Balloon Barrage over Kent began 16.06.1944
No. 942/3 Balloon Squadron to Anti Diver Barrage 31.07.1944
Hull Balloon Barrage effectively ceased to operate 31.07.1944
No. 942/3 Balloon Squadron log closed 28.08.1944
RAF Sutton on Hull to Technical Training Command August 1944
Balloon Command disbanded January 1945
RAF Central School of Aircraft Recognition closed 05.02.1945
Victory in Europe (VE) 07.05 1945
Surrender of Japan (VJ) 14.08.1945
RAF Central School of Aircraft Recognition re-opened 19.01.1946
No.152 (City of Hull) Squadron Air Training Corp - Lodger from November 1946
R Aux AF No. 3505 Air Defence Unit (1950 Fighter Control Unit) August 1947
No. 62nd RAF Reserve Centre March 1947 to May 1948
No 3rd RAF Movement Unit March to September 1948
RAF Central School of Aircraft Recognition closed 31.05.1948
RAF at Home - Open Day 10.09.1950
Air Squadron University College of Hull. (RAF VR) 1951-1953
RAF at Home 13th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain 21.09.1953
Presentation of Crest to RAF School of Firefighting & Rescue 02.12.1953
RAF School of Firefighting & Rescue to Catterick and Station closed 07.10.1959
R Aux AF No. 3505 Fighter Control Unit to RAF Leconfield 1960
Public Sale of Station Buildings 17.11.1960
Air Ministry disposed of RAF Sutton on Hull (except Married Quarters) 14.08.1961
Air Training Centre (using Guardroom and Headquarters) June 1963 - July 1969
Officers and Other Ranks Married Quarters disposed to local authority 1975





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