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Married quarters on a RAF Station allowed the permanent staff to live with their immediate family and still follow their chosen careers. However to be allotted one the applicant would have to meet certain criterion which depended on his age, length of service and time separated from his family.

For the cost of the rent a successful applicant would get a fully furnished house with all the necessary bed and household linen, kitchen utensils and cutlery. In fact everything to allow him and his family to arrive with only their clothing to create a new home for a service family.

In March 1951, possibly because there was some future for RAF Sutton on Hull, the construction of new buildings was planned with the Commanding Officer submitting a request for the provision of accommodation for married Officers and Other Ranks who had previously, of course, with the necessary permission, 'Lived Out'.

The construction of the married quarters progressed with those for Officers becoming available in June 1952. They were built on newly acquired 2 Acres of land on Wawne Road at the junction with West Carr Lane and consisted of 2 large detached houses, suitably designed for Senior Officers and 2 semi-detached for Junior Officers.

Officers Married Quarters Airmens Married Quarters

The Other Rank's Married Quarters, of Air Ministry 1953 design were built on 6 square acres of land within the boundary of the Station with a frontage on West Carr Lane. This small estate consisted of 16 semi-detached with a similar number of terraced houses but it appeared that the construction of them was very slow: it was not until late in 1955 before Bill Forbes was "marched in" to No. 18 - a brand new home for him and his family.

In due course the Station Log recorded that 36 married quarters were available for use and that a further request for another 54 had been submitted.

The original application made by the Commanding Officer in March 1951 also contained a request for new accommodation for Senior NCOs. Prior to that up to 6 single Warrant Officers were allocated rooms in No. 23 Barrack Block while senior NCOs had individual rooms in other Blocks. The request appeared to be quickly resolved as early in 1952 - 3 SECO Huts, which were possibly recycled from a closed war time station, became available.

Returning again to the Log for June 1951 shows the Permanent Staff strength standing at 251, this consisted of 1 Senior Officer, 10 Junior Officers, 8 Warrant Officers, 19 Senior and 30 Junior NCOs, 158 Other Ranks and 25 civilian employees. With 202 of all ranks under training at the Fire School, gave a total of 453 personnel at the Station and some 90 of them were to give a pint of blood with the arrival the same month of the National Blood Transfusion Service!

Other items of interest recorded in the same document provide details of social occasions which by their nature, were possibly held annually. During February the Annual Dinner for No. 152 (City of Hull) Squadron ATC for 150 persons was held at the Airmen's NAAFI and later the same month, a party, organised by the Hull (Royal) Women's Voluntary Service for members of the Darby & Joan's Club. The year ended with a Christmas Party put on by the servicemen for 120 children and 80 Senior Citizens held in the NAAFI Hall, where in the evening, there took place the Airman's Christmas Dance.





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